Ulian Field Notes 15: Para Para Drama

Updated June 26, 2017

*Field Notes are posts made from notes I record in the field while visiting coffeelands.  They are often raw, unpolished, even scatter-brained.  They are intended to 1) allow the reader to follow along in the journey and 2) allow me to archive my notes to the web.

10:29 Mostly cloudy
26.45 inHg

Spent too much time dicking with the drying racks today. Many are broken and were piled up not being used. Those that were being used weren't being filled consistently or efficiently (many were under-filled). When we (predictably) ran out of racks, the first reaction was to transfer beans from drying racks to the tarps earlier than we should (it is most desirable to have the coffee in the racks for at least three days before moving it to the tarps). So I worked with G to better distribute today's lot to the racks and also made sure the damaged racks were repaired after lunch.

Went to Mangku's house to see his green house and he had it full of drying coffee. Sat and had a coffee and some biscuits with him and his son. His team of pickers was there taking a break and snickering at me and my clumsy Indonesian.  =)  Had a good visit.  They are good people.

Update: fixed typos for readability. 

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