Ulian Field Notes 4: The para para grind

*Field Notes are posts made from notes I record in the field while visiting coffeelands.  They are often raw, unpolished, even scatter-brained.  They are intended to 1) allow the reader to follow along in the journey and 2) allow me to archive my notes to the web.

08:06 Experiment 1:

1010 ppm
4.1 pH
708 g/L

Other ferm tanks: 4.2 and 4.3, 674 g/L

08:47 light rain just ended, blue skies on the way
26.3 inHg

10:02 Partial overcast
26.3 inHg

12:14 Overcast
26.33 inHg

We pulled in the para para (drying racks) for the rest of the day. Ibu feared rain but it never came. We're very close to drying capacity now and rain is forecasted for the next few days.

Spent the day again making para para. Didn't do much else.

There is an obvious gap in work ethic. When B does work (which isn't often) he toils. As soon as he eats lunch, he starts complaining about being tired then like clockwork he goes to the house for a nap. He leaves early in the evening, before Komang arrives with his large-ish deliveries.

We were depuling cherries and he was using one of the cement buckets that I had set aside and replaced.  Cleanliness is not a top-priority yet.

Most coffee processed yet; around 200 kilos.

Michael C. Wright

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