Ulian Field Notes 1: Arrival

*Field Notes are posts made from notes I record in the field while visiting coffeelands.  The are often raw, unpolished, even scatter-brained.  They are intended to 1) allow the reader to follow along in the journey and 2) allow me to archive my notes to the web.

Arrived around 11a. Immediately washed fermentation tank and both pulpers. Fixed wheelbarrow. Cleaned and de-cluttered pavilion. Adjusted new motor for new pulper.

Turned some drying coffee.

Pulped and started fermenting seeds. It's early in the season and they are already skipping steps but I can see why. The mill isn't set up properly for all steps and it's labor-intensive to wash and float the cherries first. Need to figure out how best to reconfigure mill for washing, floating, pulping, fermenting, etc.

Ibu and I worked until about 8:15 to finish processing today's cherries.

The cherries aren't yet fully red.  We're still pretty early in the harvest season.

Roughly 180 kilos processed this evening.

Heated shower water and "my own place" are very nice. It's pleasingly quiet in the mill house after dark. It's at the highest point in the village, which is oriented on a road leading up the hillside.  At night there are so many stars visible.  I can even see the milky edges of the Milky Way!

Michael C. Wright

Michael is an American expat living in Singapore where he writes about many things coffee-related. A roaster by trade, Michael is also exploring coffee production and how to improve the lives of those who produce the noble bean.