Roast Science

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Roasting coffee can be a very complex procedure (or it can be very simple, if you so choose). Whether you’re looking to just get a basic understanding of the roasting process or you’re looking to dig deeper into some of the science involved, there are resources for you:

Foundational Knowledge

Understanding The Roast Profile
Heat Transfer Methods Involved In Roasting
How To: Master The HotTop Element (written for the HotTop but should work for any home electric roaster).
Why Lighter Roasts Are Sweeter (even if you love dark roast, this article will be informative)
Elevation and Quality (buy better greens)
Coffee’s Inherent Quality (buy better greens)

Let's get technical

Roast Physics: Moisture and Airflow
On Roasting: Effects of Airflow
How To: Avoid the Flick and Crash
The Maillard Reaction: A Practical Guide
Ways To Achieve Flavor Complexity

Articles specific to Artisan Roaster Scope software

How To: Minimally Automate Artisan
How To: Utilize Artisan Alerts

Articles specific to HotTop roasters

See also: HotTop Resources

How To: Install ET & BT Probes the Easy Way
How To: Install HotTop ET & BT Probes (the better way)
How To: Clean the HotTop Exhaust Fan
How To: Master the HotTop Element
How To: Upgrade Your HotTop Control Panel For Better Control
How To: Install HotTop HTRI Control Board
Latest HotTop Upgrade Project: HTRI Mounting Bracket

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