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  Pardon the interuption.

For the month of May I'm running a funding drive to raise money to support this site.

My goal for this drive is $100.

  Your support is greatly appreciated

Supply Chain In A Box

La Viet, owned by Tran Nhat Quang (Quang), is a unique coffee establishment in Dalat, Vietnam, where under one roof you have a dry mill, a warehouse, a roastery, a retail production space, a coffee lab, an education space, and finally a cafe—nearly an entire supply chain under one roof—a virtual coffee supply chain in a box.

A set-up like this removes several of the middlemen, putting more control of the final product into the hands of La Viet's owner.

One of the most promising aspects of La Viet, is Quang's stated desire to support the local community of coffee farmers. He chose the location of La Viet to be located near those farmers. He said he brings farmers to the lab in La Viet and shows them their coffee compared to a specialty grade coffee so they can see the differences. He also brews several coffees for the farmer to taste the differences between the coffees. And most importantly, he explains to the farmer how various processing techniques can improve their product, which will enable the farmer to possibly demand a higher premium for a better product.

Bridging the gap between the consumer and the producer is critical to empowering producers. As a 'supply chain in a box,' La Viet may just be able to bridge that gap.

  • La Viet full bar
  • La Viet Siphons
  • La Viet Training Space
  • La Viet Long View

Michael C. Wright

Michael is an American expat living in Southeast Asia where he writes about many things coffee-related. A roaster by trade, Michael is also a licensed Q Grader and an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST).